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Roshpit Champions Official Blog

Roshpit Champions - Sorceress makeover Update



  • Blizzard [Q]
  • -New casting effect during channel
    -The last wave of ice falls the moment the channel duration ends

  • Ice Lance [Q1]
  • -Now Point Target
    -New sound effects
    -New particle effects
    -damage increased
    -Now fractures and damages 2 nearby enemies for 50% of the damage

  • Frost Nova[Q2]
  • -Frost nova is now activated by casting arcane explosion twice in succession (double tapping W)
    -New sound effects
    -New particle effects
    -damage increased
    -Frost Nova also triggers on your Water Elemental

  • Master of Magic[Q3]
  • -Effect increased from 0.5% per level to 1.5% per level

  • Arcane Explosion[W]
  • -Damage increased

  • Arcane Missles[W1]
  • -REPLACED - Now Arcane Shell. Arcane shell absorbs the next instance of damage and zaps the enemy that breaks it.

  • Arcane Intellect[W3]
  • -Effect tripled.
    -Improved Aura logic (will now apply IMMEDIATELY as an ally steps into the radius)

  • Mana Rush[W4]
  • -Effect tripled.

  • Summon Water Elemental[E2]
  • -Damage Doubled.
    -Can now be controlled. There is a new toggle ability that lets you turn on/off his default behaviour. Otherwise you can fully micro him or send him out to scout.

  • Pyroblast[R]
  • -Now Point Target

  • Fireball[R1]
  • -Now Point Target -Damage Increased

  • Ring of Fire[R3]
  • -REPLACED: Now Flamestrike

    Flamestrike creates a column of fire at the fireball and pyroblast cast points.