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Roshpit Champions Official Blog

Roshpit Champions 3.7 - Sea Fortress

Roshpit Champions 3.7
Sea Fortress

New End-Game Dungeon

Key Features:

  • Massive new dungeon full of interesting monsters, encounters and puzzles. Uses up entire maximum map size.
  • Difficulty level is ramped up to the max. Good luck getting through and claiming the loot!
  • 102 new unique monster types including multiple bosses
  • 46 new immortal weapons (2 for every hero)
  • 16 new immortal equipments (for total of 62 new items)
  • Added Bonus: All item drops have higher minimum rolls on the Sea Fortress map (doesn't affect blacksmith reroll of course)
  • Mobs have 99.95% damage resist (pit 7 is 99.6%)

    Why Sea Fortress? We already have water temple!

    TI7 has provided a ton of amazing aquatic themed assets, including particles, terrain, and equipment sets. You'll find the new map has a very unique theme!

    Any Restrictions?

    Decided not to add any restrictions, you can play the dungeon as much as you like (if you're strong enough!)

    What's next:

    The next major update will be Roshpit Champions 4.0 which will be an overhaul of the items system. This will come after several patches that include bug fixes and new heroes over the following weeks.