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Roshpit Champions Official Blog

Roshpit Champions 3.3 - Redfall Ridge

Roshpit Champions 3.3
Redfall Ridge

New Map

Redfall Ridge is a new map that runs parallel to Tanari Jungle. Over time, ideally the game will have several zones that you can level up and farm in so that there can be enough variety to justify making lots of alternate characters.

Redfall Ridge has a Quest Log to help guide players to their objectives. A common grievance with Tanari Jungle was that it was hard for new players to figure out where to go

Redfall Ridge only has the first 1/3 done, meaning the first dungeon and the quest leading up to the dungeon. The completed portion is very detailed however!

Redfall Ridge is released with 7 new immortal items, but a few more will be added shortly.