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Roshpit Champions Official Blog

Roshpit Champions 3.2 - The Pit of Trials

Roshpit Champions 3.2
The Pit of Trials

New End Game Dungeon

The Pit of Trials is located on the Roshpit Arena map. Before starting a game, select "rpc-roshpit-arena-legend". The dungeon is located behind the Major League lounge, so your character will need to be at Least Rank 10 in the Solo Champion's league to gain access!

The pit of trials has the highest mob power, and has 7 levels so that you can scale the difficulty to your ability. The dungeon can only be opened once per day per character, but only 1 player triggers the lockout - so friends can keep running it if they rotate characters.


The dungeon has 23 new immortals, some of which will remain secret. But the main incentive is that the final boss drops newly minted Immortal Weapons.

Players have asked for Immortal Weapons since the earliest days, but there was no proper task structure to offer them as a reward. With 3.2, we have finally crossed that hurdle, allowing you to power up beyond previous boundaries.

Myself and the players have always wanted a true end-game dungeon, and so I am personally very excited to finally have one! As always, please forward all bugs and suggestions to the Developer.


  • Gloves of Sweeping wind have 12 second duration
  • Item damage in legend reduced to x10 from x20, but mob resistance has been halved
  • Spirit Warrior W1 from 0.1 per level to 0.08
  • Champion's League Challengers 20-10 have been made easier