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Roshpit Champions Official Blog

Roshpit Champions 3.1 - Roshpit Arena

Roshpit Champions 3.1
Roshpit Arena

Map Concept

The International 6 coupled with the new colosseum tileset inspired the latest map theme. The Roshpit Arena will host end-game challenges for players who have maxed out their characters.

The map has 4 main attractions planned, but this release only contains 1 of the 4. Since a lot of the legwork is completed, the next 3 parts will be released quicker.

Champion's League

The Champion's league is the main piece of 3.1. It is a solo challenge where you start from the bottom of a ladder and climb past 20 bosses to become the champion. Fights start to get extremely hard around rank 10!

Gaining crowd favour is an important part of the battles, each Fan who is supporting you grants you +10% damage output. Additionally, having more fans will net you a higher score which will reward you with a higher level Arena Prizebox. Your score for each battle will be automatically saved permanently to the server, and you can always redo battles to get a higher score.

Arena Features coming over the next 4-6 weeks:

The Pit of Trials - The pit of trials will be a multiplayer dungeon with the hardest difficulty yet. I'm hoping to make the boss a Pit Lord so it won't be released at least until we have that model available.

Challenger League - The challenger league will be similar to the Champion's league, but it will be designed for multiplayer.

PVP League - The PVP league will feature a few PVP modes so you can finally test your hero up against other players

The arena map temporarily accepts only 1 player at a time: This is to avoid confusion of people grouping up and joining a map with very little to do in multiplayer. Once the Pit of Trials is released, the map will return to 4 player max.