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Roshpit Champions 3.0 Update

Roshpit Champions 3.0
Tanari Jungle

Map Concept

Tanari Jungle is an open-world style dungeon crawler that took it's inspiration from all the best elements of World 1. The Wave concept needed to be cut as it only served as padding around what players really enjoy, which is the scripted dungeons.

The entire map now acts as 1 big dungeon, with 6 different goals that players can go after which all serve the 1 main quest: Acquiring the Tanari Spirit Stones.

The map has 3 main dungeons that are larger than any of the dungeons in World 1 - Wind Temple, Water Temple, and Fire Temple. This time around, you can't just spam the dungeons freely - because the dungeons are locked and can only be opened with a 1 time use key. Collecting keys requires you to do a few missions around the map.

Since clearing a dungeon requires so much more time on this map, Temple Bosses reward Mithril for conquering them, as well as a special ingredient that can be combined with the others to create Spirit Stones.

Spirit Stones are a 1 time use item that triples paragon spawn rate, doubles monster power, provides 2x XP gain, 50% increased legendary drop rate, 3x arcane crystals and 3x Mithril Shards gain. Lasts for 1 Game Session.



  • Cataclysm [R] stuns instead of adding knockback

  • Second Heartbeat [W] damage and mana cost increased
  • Voltex

  • Overcharge [Q] damage increased

  • Static [W] damage increased

  • Static Field [R] damage increased
  • Venomort

  • Plague Blaster [W] damage increased

  • Necrofusion [W-2] damage increased
  • Red General

  • Spur Shock [W] and Hell Stomp [W-1] damage greatly increased
  • Astral Ranger

  • Biting Stars [Q-2] armor reduction per level from -5 -> -3

  • Glyph of Spatial Rifts decreases delay on Astral Rift [E] by 1 second instead of 2 seconds

  • Split Shot [W] damage increased 3x
  • Epoch Guardian

  • Eternity Flood [R] now has a stun built in. After the knockback is applied on the initial explosion, enemies freeze in the air.

  • Time Lock [R-3] removed, a fair duration was added to the base ability

  • New [R-3] Time Crackle, enemies who are Timelocked take damage on a 0.7s interval based on Epoch's attack power.
  • Paladin

  • Heroic Fury [Q] no longer has knockback. It now slows all enemies' attack speed and movespeed in the radius.

  • Heroic Fury [Q] has no sounds and particles

  • Justice Overwhelming [W] damage increased
  • Sorceress

  • Blizzard [Q] damage increased
  • Conjuror

  • Immolation [W] damage 3x and mana cost 2x
  • Seinaru

  • Fixed damage calculation on Combo Strike [Q]

  • Light of Wisdom [W-4] bonus per 10 int from 0.05% per level to 0.04% per level

    Elemental Warlord

  • Earth Slam and Firedrop [E] damage increased
  • Arctic Sprint [E] cooldown reduced by 1 second
  • Bahamut

  • Wall of Impunity [Q] no longer creates collision, as there were too many issues with it. It now decreases the attack damage of enemies that pass through.
  • Wall of Impunity [Q], Judgement [W] and Megaflare [R] damage increased
  • Duskbringer

  • Revenant Strikes [W] damage greatly increased
  • Auriun

  • Shadowflare [W-1] damage increased
  • Trapper

  • Fulminating Trap [Q] damage increased

  • Backstab [R] damage increased